Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Liner Notes:

For the Wallpaper soundtrack I recorded and mixed into Apple Logic Pro X and mastered with Audacity software (which is free to download).

I used an Apple Macbook Pro laptop, which I use for all of my music.

Some sounds were generated by an Akai MPK249 midi keyboard, others were my treated guitars (Squier Strat and Samick Gibson ), slowed down and/or stretched.

I would often layer sounds which shouldn’t match, to create dissonance and tension.

Most of the sound effects were recordings which I made myself - for example knocking items over, picking things up, breathing, scraping, brushing of cloth, rustling.

The creaking door is my bedroom door and the creaking floorboards are the 9th and 11th steps on my staircase.

American voiceovers were done by people I’ve met and worked with through global collaboration for my other music - Marty Lucas living in the wilds of Indiana and Lisa Littlejohn West from Denton, Texas. Both very talented musically too.

The majority of sound effects were specifically requested by Andy and Judi, sometimes moods were suggested pictorially from Andy’s screen captures, sometimes by verbal description.

After the launch there will be an audio soundscape created from excerpts - this will be available at from Friday 13th, an apt and fitting date to release I think you’ll agree.

Meanwhile. here's a compilation of unused sounds made into an audio track, free to download only to readers of this blog.

Wallpaper is on at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield from 13/11/15 until 05/12/15.